Computer issues are universally inconvenient

I type this from a computer that was designated the "children's computer" because when I got my new Mac I knew that my old one would give my kids so much frustration that asking to be online would be as much fun as cleaning the house. Yes, a passive aggressive  way to limit screen time.

Now those sentiments have come back to nip me at the heels as I wait 7 days for computer parts in hopes that my computer's tracking pad will once again allow me to work with ease.

 This computer chug, chug, chugs along. Internet searches are drawn out and wireless is non existent.  It is giving me a completely new perspective on how much I depend on my computer to get my job done easily. So the next seven days will be challenging and I will be spending more time at the local library while my computer is made functional once more.

Taking a break, willing or not, is sometimes just what we all need.


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