Adirondacks For Kids: Be a Bug Detective: The Spider and The Fly

Okay, not really a fly but still trapped in a web.

Here nature is at work right on the side of our house. We didn't even need to visit a mountain or trail to see nature at work. My son's only comment, "Wow!"
Just waiting for a meal

This insect struggles to free itself from the web
The spider just patiently waits for the insect to tire out
Breakfast, lunch and dinner

Fast and efficient

There you have it. Just another day in the lives of kids in the Adirondacks.


Anonymous said…
Wow! At first glance it looks like your daughter is trying to skillfully catch a big black snake! Then I noticed it is probably a soaker hose. Whew! Very interesting reading your bug facts. Thanks. -Pete
Anonymous said…
This must be the year of the spider. The ones outside my house are creepy and huge. I've been (more like my husband has been) trying to relocate them to the woods. I don't want to kill them.

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