Family Fun: Be a Web Ranger

By Diane Chase

Though it seems against the whole idea of summer vacation and getting outside, children can become Web Rangers and learn about all the various National Parks. It is an opportunity to experience all the National Parks, Monuments and Historic Sites from the comfort of your own home.

By all means, this is no substitute for a nature hike and being active. It is a nice learning experience under the guise of a rainy day activity. Choose from over 50 activities that allow children ages 8-16 to learn more about each of our national parks. There is even an opportunity to get a WebRanger patch.

A sampling of activities are
People – Decode Washington's secret messages.
History – Travel the seas in 1812 on a Navy war ship
Nature – Read a map to figure out the quest.
Puzzles – Go on a website scavenger hunt
Science – Match dinosaurs to their diet.
Parks – Play “Alpha Codes."
Animals - Guess the animals in your parks

We choose to set a limit on how much computer or television time our children get. There are plenty of other things to do besides sit in front of a computer (as I sit in front of a computer) like summer reading and trips to the library. Enjoy!


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