Adirondack Ski Mountains: Mt Pisgah ski events

January 2nd will kick off the beginning of ski racing at Mt Pisgah in Saranac Lake. Below are a list of scheduled events for those interested in ski lessons and races.

January 2 = Candy Bar Races start Saturday at 10:15 @ Pisgah

January 5 = NYSEF Race training is starting 5:30 @ Pisgah

January 12 = Ski lessons at Mt Pisgah will start for the Tuesday - Thursday lessons.

January 13 Ski lessons at Mt Pisgah will start for the Wednesday-Friday lessons.

To register 4:30-5:30 arrive at least 1/2 hour early. Lessons start @ 5:30. Be on the hill ready to go at 5:30.

January 17 = The Golden Ski Race


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