Saranac Lake Ski and Skate Swap

It doesn’t happen that frequently so I want to take my bows when I can. In a clairvoyant moment I decided to get all the children’s winter gear out of storage to check for sizes. It was a bright sunny day and the youngsters huffed and puffed about having to wiggle into ski boots, helmets and snow pants. We made quick work of it and as much as I would like to squeeze another season out of the ski boots, my son’s feet just keep on growing.

The children’s reaction to waking up to snow was so different from my own. They quickly got dressed and put on their winter gear. (Thank you very much, Clairvoyant Mom!) They threw a few soggy snowballs and attempted an angel. I on the other hand wonder why I can see only into my children’s future. I didn’t occur to me to grab a jacket for myself, let along hat and gloves.

Now that I have organized my children’s gear and requested that the next growth spurt be in spring, I eagerly await the annual Ski and Skate Swap! Items need to be dropped off at the Petrova Cafeteria October 22 from 5:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. especially any children’s ice skates sized to fit my daughter and snow shoes for my son. Just kidding! They will be selling any good condition alpine and cross-country gear, skates, hats, coats, snow shoes, snowboards, ski boots and snowboard boots.

Keep in mind that only current winter gear will be accepted, no rear entry boots or straight skies. This is a consignment sale so the owner sets the price and the SL Ski Club gets 25 cents per item that is dropped off and 20% of the sale price. In years past various ski reps have also dropped off new gear for really reasonable prices.

Earlier this year the Saranac Lake Ski Club and Friends of Mount Pisgah merged in a joint effort to bring two energetic groups together with the same goals. Since 1988 Friends of Mount Pisgah (FOMP) has raised funds to provide snowmaking equipment for the mountain and have the base lodge built. Currently FOMP is raising money to replace and upgrade the existing ski lift.

Lift Mount Pisgah, a proposed two-year project, has already raised funds through a silent auction and garage sale. The momentum is contagious when talking with just a few of the many people involved. The next fund raising event to look forward to is a spaghetti dinner that will kick off the ski season.

If you don’t find ski boots to fit, purchase a raffle ticket at the Ski Swap for the opportunity to win one of 13 great prizes in support of Lift Mount Pisgah. The Ski and Skate Swap will be held October 24th from 9:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. at the Petrova Cafeteria. For additional information please call Dick Dora at 891-3679.


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