Long Lake NY for Kids: 13 Easy Short Hikes in Long Lake

Here are some ideas for parents, Adirondack (ADK) kids, retired or seniors and anyone wishing to go for a hike around the Long Lake area.

Sargent Ponds
Start from Lower Sargent Pond for a walk of 1.5 miles on the Northpoint Road to make the loop.
Upper Sargent Pond—1.3 Miles, well marked, about 1/2 hour each way. Well marked trail markers.
Lower Sargent Pond via Grass Pond—2.1 miles, well marked. Lower Sargent Pond is less than 20 minutes beyond Grass Pond. There is a lean-to overlooking Lower Sargent Pond.
Lower Sargent-Upper Sargent by way of Middle Pond—1.7 miles between Upper & Lower.
Sargent Pond Loop—9 miles includes distance between the trail heads. It is possible to make the Upper and Lower Ponds into a loop by way of the trail by way of Middle Pond.

Owl's Head Mountain—3.2 miles to summit, well marked trail, relatively difficult after about 2 1/4 miles, scenic views of the Fishing Brook Range with the High Peaks in the distance. The trail head is reached by going north on Route 30 from the village and turning left onto the Endion Road. The trail head is 1 1/2 miles from Route 30. Challenging for small children but worth the view.

Lake Eaton Trail—easy trail. 1/2 mile to Lake Eaton, 3 1/2 miles to Lake Eaton Campsite. Shares a trailhead with Owl's Head Mountain. Just follow the signs to the trail of your choice. This trail hugs the western shore of the Lake.

Big Brook Loop—4 miles for the loop,
Easy. Park your car at the entrance to the Lake Eaton Campsite on Route 30, 2 1/4 miles from the Long Lake Town Hall. Go down to the end of the road where the trail enters the woods. This trail winds around to Route 30. Cross the road and continue the trail as it loops back to the Lake Eaton entrance.

Mount Sabattis (also the Recreation Area) easy climb though it is a herd path at the summit. This trial is located on the edge of the Village on Route 28N/30 south.

Buttermilk Falls - short trip to a nice picnic area.
The entrance to the falls is on the right side of the North Point Road, 2.1 miles from the intersection with Route 28N/30. A sign by a small parking area marks the entrance.

Northville-Placid Trail south. Steep for first ½ mile. Strenuous to Blue Mtn. or Lake Durant.
10.2 miles to Tirrell Pond
1.75 miles to Long Lake Reservoir
13.5 miles to Rte. 28N/30 1 1/4 mile North of Blue Mtn. Lake
14.8 Miles from Lake Durant.

Northville- Placid Trail north - challenging

Catlin Bay—1.0 Mile from trail head to lean-to. Good family hike. A side trail on the left of the main trail leads to lean-tos and Catlin Bay, a good place for a picnic and for wading along a rocky shore of Long Lake.

Kelly's Point—4-miles from Tarbell Hill Trail head. If you continue past Catlin Bay, you will reach Kelly's Point. A few lean-tos, large rocks and an old stone pier line the shore. Swim at your own risk.

Rodney Point—6.25 miles from Tarbell Hill Trail head. Continue 2.25 miles past Kelly's Point and you will come to Rodney Point where you will find lean-tos and a nice sand beach.

Plumley's Landing—8.45 miles from Tarbell Hill Trail head.

Shattuck Clearing—12.6 miles from Tarbell Hill Trail head. Shattuck Clearing passes by the Hermitage of Noah John Rondeau and the wood and cable swinging bridge as it continues on to Duck Hole and Lake Placid.


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