The circus is coming to town

I realize not everyone is in the midst of school finals, half school days and science projects that I find myself finishing. Yes, that I am finishing, if the number of times I’ve reminded my son of the importance of penmanship and timeliness counts toward my partial credit. I repeat to my child that I did finish the 3rd grade and find no need to repeat the curriculum. We are dealing with last minute details and lessons (we hope) learned that waiting to the last minute is not an effective way to plan.

We are not above taking away privileges or dangling the occasional carrot (or should I say circus) in front of my child’s head. I only hope he will remember that procrastination causes stress. This is a lesson I already know well. I do not need to keep reliving that as well as the awkwardness of 3rd grade.

This Saturday the Saranac Lake Youth Center will be holding its first annual circus at Lake Colby beach from 11:00 a.m. – 4: 00 p.m. There will be a traditional midway where the various games will be held like ring toss, knockdowns, beanbag fishing, lollypop tree, darts, games of skill and a large bounce house. The Little Tykes Paradise will house a smaller bounce house, sand toys and other age appropriate games. Gift certificates will be awarded for the talent show so sign up from 3:00 – 4:00 p.m. Relay races will be ongoing throughout the day while the ringmaster mingles with the crowd and clowns create balloon animals and paint faces. Prizes will be awarded for all games.

Tickets will be used for all games, food and assorted beverages. Each ticket is priced at $1.00 with the average game being one ticket. For those bargain shoppers various value packs are available: the family pack (65 tickets for $50), Super Value Pack (30 tickets for $25) and “SLYC” Special (12 tickets for $10).

According to SLYC Executive Director Elizabeth Carless, Mayor Thomas Michael will be in the dunking booth. This may be an opportunity for anyone wishing to discuss local policy. My husband is debating whether to take a turn so those disputing his/her math grade, get your pitching arm ready.

The funds raised from this event are targeted for the SLYC’s operational costs. The SLYC provides a much needed after school program for area youths aged 12-17.

As my son sits at the dining table, finishing a book report he shakes his head and lets us know his list of current woes and how he could really use a vacation. I shake off my first reaction, which is, from what, recess? My second is, “Couldn’t we all?”

as published in the Adirondack Daily Enterprise


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