All Hands Hoay!

There is something to be said about talking like a pirate that just doesn’t get old, at least in our house. It is probably only my children who’s acting skills come into play when simply asked to set the dinner table. Then the pirate-speak comes out in full force. They are being held captive until their real parents can swoop in and free them from evil forces. The imposed drudgery of picking up their own toys is met with “Or ye’ll what? Put me in t’hold?” There is a bit of sass that goes along with pirate talk (since pirates are not known for their manners).

So we couldn’t ask for a better Winter Carnival theme than Pirates of the Adirondacks because our pirate vocabulary was getting a bit weak. As research says if you don’t use a foreign language regularly, you lose it, so I am here to help you practice, practice, practice for the last few days of Carnival, “Arrr. ya scurvy dogs.”

The standards of “Blow me down” and “Shiver me timbers” are fine to use if ye are shocked over the outcome of the Adirondack Bank inner-tube races. Though perhaps “Avast, me hearties” would be better. “Smartly, me lad” (or lass) can be yelled if the need for speed seems appropriate. Meander down where the colors have been hoisted at the Ice Castle and the Jolly Roger flies as well. Jump right in to thee festivities or be keel hauled, and then it’s Davy Jones’ Locker for ye. Arrr.. there ya go. The lingo is comin’ back, me maties.

So durin’ Carnival time there is so much t’do, so little time. There be a motherload of events planned. Savvy? Books sales, skating races and broomball, Rotary Club’s variety show, live music, concerts and a Pendragon play to name a few. Aay! Thar be nothin’ but fun planned. So no need to plunder when treasure abounds! Perhaps ya favor a grog at the Waterhole or grub at the Mason’s Pancake Breakfast, St. Bernard’s Spaghetti Dinner or Habitat for Humanity Chic-n-Biscuits Dinner. Whatever ya fancy, belay yer bellyachin’ and get out an have some fun!

So whether ye be scallywag, sea wench or landlubbers that haven’t gotten ye Carnival buttons or need to register for events, contact the Saranac Lake Chamber of Commerce at 891-1990 or go to

(as published in the Adirondack Daily Enterprise)


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