Make your own valentines

The U.S. Greeting Card Association’s website states that about one billion valentines are sent worldwide each year. Not that I am not the sentimental type but most of the time cards end up in the recycling bin. Saving cards seems to create just one more thing to move. There are some items that I do keep that are only significant to me. So for anyone looking to create a different keepsake, Northern Lights School is offering a Valentine’s Art Day this Saturday. The cost is minimal ($2 per person.) That wouldn’t even buy a box of chocolates and I can assure you this will last longer.

Melanie Niemczura, the Northern Lights School Morning Garden teacher will be facilitating the craft day. This workshop allows participants to make a choice of treasures. Some templates will be available but feel free to bring your own creativity. There is no pressure, just fun and the ability to walk away with a beautiful handcrafted item to give to your loved one, or keep for yourself. There is no harm, no foul in keeping one. Just pretend you are surprised.
Some items to be made are a sewn heart necklace, crown, origami heart, envelopes, woven heart baskets in a variety of media such as felt, paper, ribbon, beads, yarn and silk flowers.

My personality is not slotted for scrap booking or handcrafting unless coaxed by friends. I am definitely a group arts and crafter. I like it when my children are able to do something by hand. I encourage them to do a job well done and to display their projects. I am not a depression baby (though perhaps my children will be) so my excuse for saving bows and wisps of paper can be attributed more to tactile than frugal behavior. I have a wicker basket just for bits of paper and another for material. I have no illusions that I will be creating fine art with my saved pieces but I do love the feel of them. If anything I can take some good ideas home to store in my bins.

Northern Lights School is located in the basement of the Presbyterian Church, 57 Church Street Saranac Lake. The entrance is located behind the church. The Valentine Art Day is Saturday, January 31 from 10:00 a.m.- noon. All ages are welcome. All children must be attended by an adult. To register and for more information please call 891-3206 or e-mail:


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