Malone Country Fair

I have always been partial to fairs. Not really the huge amusement parks (though we have gone to a few of those) but the traveling carnivals. I am not, however, much for the fast rides. A lifetime ago a cousin once challenged me to an "eat and ride-off" at one such visiting fair. Yes, immature, I know. So we ate carnival food and rode on the fastest rides. I lost and to be frank so did anyone else that was riding "The Zipper" with me. My cousin went on to consume more food and enjoy many more rides. I woefully handed over all my tickets and sat with my head between my legs. Interestingly enough my taste for carnival snacks never diminished, just the jostling rides.
The Franklin County Fair in Malone, NY, is the largest annual, long-standing event in Franklin County. The Franklin County Agricultural Society was formed in August 1851. For over 150 years the Society has continued their purpose of improving agriculture, horticulture and the inclusive mechanical arts. During the past 25 years they have expanded their vision to include top musical performances. All profits earned continue to be used to erect new buildings, improve the 35-acre grounds, and increase exhibits and attractions.
In addition to the 2008 Grandstand entertainment the fair is providing Stage II that will showcase such events as a local Deal or No-Deal, Franklin County has Talent and Battle of the Bands.
Located on Main Street, the fair is open from August 2-10, 8:00 am-10 pm daily. Admission fees range from $8-12, depending on the day. Children 12-under are free. The fee includes all Grandstand events and exhibitions. Carnival rides are not included. For anyone looking for a bargain the Society sells reduced price ride tickets until opening day. A sheet of 20 tickets can be purchased for $10 (half price) and available in Malone at Price Chopper, Yando's and the office. Call 483-0720 or check the web at for additional locations. On opening day and throughout the week the ride tickets will be only sold onsite for the regular fee.
My kids eagerly search the barns for the prize-winning animals by the ribbons proudly displayed near each stall. They anxiously stretch themselves to maximum height against each ride's requirement and look forward to the year they can finally graduate to rides with names such as "Helter Skelter, Tornado, Cliff Hanger or Tilt-a-Whirl. I prefer the Merry-Go-Round and Dragon Coaster. Their father will have to join them. I will be waving safely from the ground while eating cotton candy, a candied apple or other carnival food.


Editorial Staff said…
I love the sausage and peppers!

Check out my complete list of Adirodnack region fairs:
Diane said…
Thanks John! The more information the better. I have been meaning to add your blog so I appreciate the reminder!- Diane

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