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Fairy and Troll Festival in Adirondack Foot Hills of Burke (NY)

For over eight years Fairy Godmother Gina Strachan helped organize the annual Medieval Festival at Sellars Field in the Adirondack foothills of Burke, NY. Now for the first time Gina and her fairy followers are organizing a Enchanted Fairy and Troll Festival that coincides with National Trails Day , June 3, 2017.  "It started with a competition to design hobbit homes," says Strachan. "We now have 14 homes that will be placed along a wooded river walk. We had entries from school art departments, community organizations, as well as individuals. All the homes are to be made out of nature. People could use hot glue, screws, but made from natural products. People walking the trail will be given a marble to vote for their favorite fairy house. At 5:30 pm, the winners will be decided by popular vote and age category."  Strachan's focus is always to get people outside to enjoy nature.  "Children will have to follow the Bee Line and find two piece