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Applejacks Orchard Pick-Your-Own Apples (Peru, NY)

Pick Your Own Apples at Applejacks Apples are the perfect fruit in my opinion. I don’t have to peel one. It easily slips into a lunchbox and my children have always been able eat one without any assistance. I bake it, cook it, boil it and eat it raw. It can be tart and sweet. Apples are even members of the rose (Roseaceae) family. How perfect. Apple Fruit Trivia Questions The first time I ever went apple picking my daughter’s contribution was a small bite out of each one before placing it back into the bag. She would pick and eat anything without balking about a small bruise or misshapen form. Now my Adirondack kids slowly turn each apple before eating it, as if they are professional inspectors. The slightest brown spot will delegate that apple for pie or sauce.  Pick Your Own Apples at Applejacks Orchard in Peru (NY) This time my children know that they are responsible for picking only the apples they are willing to eat. Just beyond the Adirondack "Blue Line