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Freedom to Read Week: Banned Book Week 2015

#BannedBookWeek is Sept 29- Oct 3, 2015 My daughter and I talk about Banned Book Week (September 27-Oct 3, 2015) and her response surprises me when she says "So what do I do instead, watch TV?" Our banter quickly turns south with mentions of a reverse world where the Amish get to watch TV and we don't have electricity. I'm able to turn it back on track, but not without first acknowledging how powerful and important words can be. My 7th grader understands limits and restrictions. She encounters them every day with bed time rules, Internet filters and blocked sites. She knows that some materials aren't appropriate for her right now. She knows that some of her friends have a very different set of rules. She also understands what the word "banned" means. I take the time to explain to her that Banned Book Week (Freedom to Read) is not the same as "Turn Off TV Week;" it's the one week out of the year that is set aside to shine a brigh