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14 Adirondack Film Festivals, Film Forums and Art Movie Houses

We are so fortunate to have a mixture of nature and culture to complete our family fun. We can't offer city living, though that is usually the reason why people live or visit the Adirondacks - to get away from it all.  I am so grateful that we have nearby opportunities to continue to expose our children to the much loved Adirondack High Peaks, but also professional theatre, films, museums and more. Below are 14 Adirondack festivals, film forums and movie film societies to enjoy!  I will update as dates/festivals change. Thanks!  1)    1)  Lake Placid Film Forum    "Sleepless in the Lake Placid" student film festival portion of Deadline for entry: TBD Rules: Student filmmakers to make a complete project in 24-hours to be shown and judged during the Lake Placid Film Forum. (This will be updated as dates become available.)  Festival Screenings: June TBD