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REVIEW: Pendragon Theatre's Phenomenal Performance Makes For A Riveting Work of "ART"

“White has a tendency to make things visible.  With white, you can see more of a nuance; you can see more. ”   ~  American artist, Robert Ryman ART By Yasmina RezaI, translated by Christopher Hampton Director: Burdette Parks Assistant Director: Allison Studdiford Set Design: Burdette Parks Costume Design: Kent Streed Light Design: Bonne B. Brewer Stage Manager: Mireena Fleury Cast: Marc: Burdette Parks Serge: Peter Wilson Ivan: Jordan Hornstein What: This quick-witted play digs into the essence of friendship. Three men in their New York City apartments test their friendships when one purchases a modern art painting. The painting is the catalyst that sparks opinions about what is art, but also what is friendship. Audience : Appropriate for older middle school students, high school students and adults. Not for young children. There is some language. Where: Pendragon Theatre , 15 Brandy Brook, Saranac Lake,  518-891-1854 REVIEW