Wild Center Buzz Fest in Tupper Lake

By Diane Chase

You don't have to eat the insects but after a day at The Wild Center, you may want to. Join David George Gordon as he demonstrates popular world cuisine at the annual BuzzFest July 4 in Tupper Lake. 

(There will also be a honey BBQ at the family-themed bug bash!) 

You can be a bug detective, have insect races, look at a butterfly hatchery, learn fly tying and see a bee hive. There are so much to do and learn about the insect around us. It will be bee-autiful. (I couldn't resist!)

Insect Fun Facts: 
Mosquitos drink more than its total body weight in a single sitting.
Black flies inject a blood thinner while biting its meal to keep the blood from coagulating. 

Learn more at The BuzzFest!