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Faugh a Ballagh! (Clear The Way!) for Irish Road Bowling History, Rules and Terms

Faugh a  Ballagh! (Clear The Way!)  is the battle cry of Irish Road Bowlers to make sure no one is hit by an approaching cannonball.  From green beer to  corn beef and cabbage , some of the most popular  St. Patrick’s Day traditions  have very little direct connection to Ireland. Not to downplay the importance of dressing in green, parades and brined meat, but one fun tradition that has been practiced in Ireland for hundreds of years in the counties of Cork and Armagh, is the sport of Irish Road Bowling.  Originally known as  Long Bullets , Irish Road Bowling's North American the road bowling history is a great deal shorter. The first American outpost of the  Irish Road Bowling League  was founded in 1996 in Boston, MA. Since that time there have been a small number of leagues founded in West Virginia and New York with non-official games sprouting up all over. As in all games, Irish Road Bowling has its own lingo where a  road shower  gives advice and you never want to  bre

Central Adirondack Black Friday Shop Small Christmas Celebrations for Inlet, Indian Lake, Old Forge

For those around the Central Adirondacks Inlet,  Indian Lake  and Old Forge are celebrating an early Adirondack Christmas. Inlet and Old Forge are once again co-hosting an Adirondack Christmas on Main Street allowing people to walk through the local stores and peruse locally made crafts, meet store owners and truly get in the holiday spirit.Just around the corner, Indian Lake celebrates Black Friday and Small Business Saturday with fun family activities, crafts, local food and Made In the Adirondack artisans. The 18th annual  Indian Lake Country Christmas Tour  will take place November 27-29 at various times and locations. Adirondack Christmas on Main Street will take place throughout the weekend of November 27-29 in Inlet and Old Forge.