Cool Globes Climate Change Exhibit in Lake Placid NY

Twelve Cool Globes are in place around the Adirondack winter resort of Lake Placid, NY. The outdoor public art installation will be available to the public throughout the winter season. 

In 2007, the Cool Globes exhibit premiered  around Chicago in partnership with the Field Museum of Natural History and Mayor Daley’s Office of Environment. The 120 globe exhibit drew millions of people to view the enormous outdoor art and to start a conversation about global warming. 

Since then, “Cool Globes” has traveled the world, making stops in New York City, Washington D.C., San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Houston, Vancouver, Sundance, Cleveland, Boston, Copenhagen, Geneva, Marseilles, Amsterdam and Jerusalem. In New York State, the “Cool Globes” exhibit has been on display in Battery Park City in Lower Manhattan and at Canalside in Buffalo and currently in Lake Placid. NY

Cool Globes Founder and Waterkeeper Alliance Staff Wendy Abrams combined the use of public art installations with education to promote solutions to climate change. Each globe is a beautiful piece or art in itself, but also focuses on a particular climate change issue that can be addressed with simple actions by individuals and businesses. 
The Cool Globes exhibit builds on the New York State's efforts, under Governor Andrew Cuomo to protect the environment and to continue to expand a Clean Energy Economy. 

Check out the 12 Cool Globes locations around Lake Placid: 
  • Six on the Mirror Lake walkway adjacent to the tennis courts on the corner of Parkside Dr and Mirror Lake Dr. 
  • Two in front of the Lake Placid Conference Center on Main Street (near the Olympic Speed Skating Oval)
  • Two at Mid’s Park on Main Street, across from the Lake Placid Palace Theatre 
  • One at a kiosk area at the municipal parking lot on Main Street. 
  • One at #1 Main Street Park with winter access to dog sled rides. 

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