August 13-14, 2016 World Premiere of "The Night We Met" Showcases Schroon Lake at The Strand Theatre

Schroon Lake became a hotbed for the film industry early this year when the wife and husband team, Tracy Nicole Cring and Jon Russell Cring, of Cinema Rebellion filmed their latest project in the Adirondacks. Originally set in a small town in Tennessee, the script called for a timeless location with a small town vibe. Now the World premiere of The Night We Met is set for August 13-14 at the Strand Theater.

“This film is my wife’s autobiography,” says Jon Cring. “One of the people has a camp in Schroon Lake so we came to just take a look. When we got here we met Maureen and Robert of the Adirondack General Store and noted it as a place similar to a location in the script.  We walked out and saw a phone booth that was also in the script. We were surrounded by all sorts of references to the film. It worked out perfectly. We look for a place that people can relate to. A place that screams out that they want to come here and spend time here. That is exactly what Schroon Lake is, beautiful sunrises and sunsets and accommodating people. It 's about capturing that great American feeling and putting it into the film.”
The Crings have completed 18 feature films together, but admit that they’ve never done anything like “The Night We Met” before. They describe the film as the kind of movie that is about being alive and in love, where one night changes everything for two teenagers.

"The Night We Met," set in Schroon Lake, stars
Lorenzo Rodriquez and Sarah Joy Byington
“It’s really the first date film we’ve made,” says Tracy. “I think, if anything, it touches on nostalgia and reminds us of being hopeful. Jon and I were talking that it touches on that moment of falling in love and having that magic happen.”

According to the Crings The Night We Met has a bit of an 80s vibe with perhaps a nod to John Hughes. As the film progressed, Schroon Lake and other familiar landmarks such as The Seagle Music Colony, the Adirondack General Store and The Strand Theatre took on more prominent roles.

“One question people ask,” says Tracy. “Is the film for families or kids?  It would have an R rating for some language and content. It is a movie for adults, not for young children. Though it would be enjoyed by anyone ages 16-90.”

The Night We Met premieres at The Strand Theatre, Shroon Lake on August 13 and 14 at 8 pm, in partnership with the Adirondack Film Society. The feature length film will be followed by a Q&A with the director and screenwriter. Tickets are $10. From its world premiere,  the film will then start on the film festival circuit. 

The independent film, The Night We Met is directed by Jon Russell Cring, written by Tracy Nicole Cring of Cinema Rebellion and produced by Stan Denis and The Denis Entertainment Group. Enjoy!

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