Inlet Hosts Adirondack Renaissance Faire July 11-12, 2015

Inlet New York is bringing a different type of Fire and Lights to the Central Adirondacks in the form of dragons, pirates, gypsies and knights. For the first time Fern Park will be taken over by magic when the Adirondack Renaissance and Fantasy Faire takes place this Saturday, July 11, and Sunday, July 12.

Producer Tim Parker has been bringing the Mayfaire on the Green to Holland Patent for the past five years and had first produced The Renaissance Fantasy Festival in Boonville.  According to Parker the Town of Inlet was looking for a new event and he wanted to bring the festival to the area.

"The Town of Inlet is so good to work with, " says Parker. "I used to do this faire in Boonville and look forward to having it in Inlet.  The schedule of performers is always a moving target until the last minute. Now everything is set and ready to go."

It is a family affair at Parker Publishing and Entertainment. Tim and his family are involved in the process of producing these festivals when not performing themselves, up and down the east coast. His wife Carrie-Anne is a belly dancer and son Timothy has numerous roles from part of the father/son strolling players called Arethusa Group to having his own vendor booths.

"There is no admission fee for the festival," says Parker. "There will be food to purchase and vendors providing a variety of things such as goblets, chainmail and jewelry. My son even has two booths. One is called 'Absolutely Smashing' where you can buy china and smash it and he also has an archery booth. There will be plenty of unique items available."

The performers this year are Bobert The GreatMaster Puppeteer alice d.w. dennisAdamo Ignis: fire act, Kentala Lousia, belly dancer, the  Paddy Nappers: a pirate act, Park's band Arethusa GroupThe Order of Chaos Battle GroupThe Merley Players of Upstate New York and Thimbleberry the Wood Sprite.

"We spent most of our times performing at other fairs up and down the east coast," says Parker. "That is how these faires started. I wanted to spend one weekend close to home. Little did I know it would grow from there. I'm probably going to show up at my own faire as a Greek minstrel. Six months ago we got booked at VIEW to perform as part of the annual fund-raising gala."

Parker said its not a requirement to dress up for Inlet festival, but he encourages it because it makes the fantasy come to life, the players interact more and puts the participants in a better place to enjoy the surroundings. This family-friendly event is perfect for all ages from small children to octogenarians to come and enjoy the atmosphere.

"The food is being vended out of a 20' pirate ship," says Parker. "I will also be performing with Inscape Collective, a painting and music group. I interpret musically the images that form on the canvas from artist Amy Ruckel."

The Adirondack Renaissance and Fantasy Faire will open at 11 am on July 11 and 12th. Enjoy!

photos are used with the permission of the Adirondack Renaissance and Fantasy Faire

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