Find Waldo in Lake Placid to win prizes!

Once again The Bookstore Plus on Main Street is the “Find Waldo Local” headquarters bookstore and has gathered even more businesses willing to hide Waldo for our seeking pleasure. (Yes, I look for Waldo. I let my daughter find Waldo on her own, but it’s still fun to see if I can find him first.) Last year my daughter’s search for Waldo brought her up and down Main Street. Now the search has widened from one end of Lake Placid to the other. 
In the “Where’s Waldo” books, Waldo and his cohorts are on a world-wide hike when the elusive cartoon character goes missing along with his backpack and a series of other items. While visiting Lake Placid, it’s just Waldo who needs finding and he manages to stay within the extended village limits for this game of hide and seek. The only criteria for Lake Placid’s town-wide search is to find Waldo, get a stamp and return the completed passport to The Bookstore Plus.
The rules are simple. Collect 10 store stamps from participating businesses and take the passport card to the official Find Waldo Local headquarters (The Bookstore Plus) to receive a free Waldo button and $1 coupon off a “Waldo” book (for the first 125 Waldo spotters.) Collect 20 out of 25 “Waldo” stamps from the local shops and be entered to win a variety of prizes, gift certificates and games from the participating businesses as well as a six-volume deluxe set of “Waldo” books. 

Some shops hide the children’s book character in plain site while other businesses make the search more of a family challenge. My daughter walks into one store and easily spots the 6” cardboard cutout of the familiar cartoon dressed in red and white stripes. At different business she has to take more time. That is fine with me. I need to get some shopping done anyway.
On July 31 from 5–6 pm, The Bookstore Plus invites everyone for a grand celebration to honor Waldo with raffles and prize drawings. Waldo look-alike costumes are encouraged.  Waldo has always been a bit tricky to find, but my daughter has until the end of July to continue the search. Enjoy!
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