REVIEW: Depot Theater's Savin' Up For Saturday Night is a HOOT and a HALF!

Join the fun at the Depot Theatre's Savin' Up For Saturday Night
What: Book by Jeff Goode and songs by Richard Levinson, Savin’ Up for Saturday Night is a country croonin’, toe-tapping musical comedy that takes place in a one honky-tonk town where love comes and goes with the strands of a song and all before last call.
Where: Depot Theatre, 6705 Main Street, Westport, New York 12993, 518-962-4449
Ticket price: $29/adult, $27/senior/student, group discounts are available.
When: Westport NY: August 28, 29, 31, Sept 4, 5 at 8 pm and August 30, September 3, 6 at 5 pm. 
A Hootenanny at the Hotel: A special showing on August 29 from 5:30 – 7:30 pm at the Westport Hotel and Tavern. Admission: $50 with live entertainment from Jeneen Terrara (last seen in The Bikinis) and the cast of Savin’ Up for Saturday Night with hors d-oeuvres and a cash bar. Celebrating 37 years of professional theatre in the Adirondacks.

Savin' Up For Saturday Night by Jeff Goode and Richard Levinson
Director: Kathryn Markey
Lucinda: Katy Blake
Eldridge: Jonathan Hadley
Doc: Ben Loving
Patsy: Maggie Politi
Roddy/Music Director: Joe Schermann
Nub, the drummer: Craig Johnson
Stage Manager: Kati Long
Scenic Design: Hadmar Designs
Lighting Design: Margaret Swick
Costume Design: Deborah Hobson
Sound Design: Jim Carroll


(WESTPORT)  Saturday night is every night at the Depot Theatre with a toe-tapping musical that has acast of characters bringing down the house at the “Bar and Fill.” Director Kathryn Markey pulls together a top rate cast that draws the audience into the makeshift bar set in a one honky-tonk town and had us dancing in our seats. It’s no surprise that Depot Theatre has a cast that can belt out songs that will send shivers up your back.

Ben Loving as Doc and Katy Blake as Lucinda
Snappy quips are exchanged between the sympathetic barkeep Doc (Ben Loving) his unrequited love and boss’s ex Lucinda (Katy Blake) the owner and lead singer Eldridge (Jonathan Hadley) and Patsy the waitress turned backup singer (Maggie Politi).

Costume Designer Deborah Hobson has brought country to Westport with cowboy boots, fringe and cowboy hats that nicely blend with the downhome feel of Hadmar Designs’ set of red bar stools, wood paneling, checkered tablecloths and wooden barrels. Having the house band of Roddy (Joe Schermann) and Nub (Craig Johnson) provide pitch-perfect backup while being on stage is a great addition to the camaraderie of the cast. 

Lucinda is a down-on-her-luck divorced mother whose only outlet is to sing and dance at the local Bar and Fill. There are just a few issues to overcome like the only bar is owned by her ex-husband Eldridge Jr.  He holds a restraining order and the pair have a “thunder and lighting” relationship. It’s all sizzle and burn when Lucinda finds out a waitress named Patsy has her eye on her former position as singer for the honky-tonk’s house band as well as becoming Eldridge’s main squeeze.

Sparks fly between Lucinda and Eldridge (Jonathan Hadley)
Katy Blake plays Lucinda with spice and vinegar, showing that even though her ex-husband may be holding all the cards in this small town, she isn’t giving up without a fight. Blake stuns whether she is singing a soulful song or dancing out her demons. 

Lucinda continues to turn to Doc the bartender for advice as well as the means to mend her downtrodden heart. Loving perfectly portrays Doc who has been delegated to the friend zone as he doles out advice while secretly pining for his friend and boss’s ex. 

Lucinda is hurt and ready for payback when she understands that Eldridge is giving her old spot with the band to the waitress Patsy. Maggie Politi as Patsy was amazing in last year’s Depot Theatre’s production of My Way: A Musical Tribute to Frank Sinatra and in Saving Up For Saturday Night she’s a joy. She is all sweetheart with bits of sass. 

Patsy (Maggie Politi) and Doc in Savin' Up For Saturday Night
It’s Eldridge whose causing problems for everyone. A delusional Eldridge Jr. thinks he’s a big star and wants to be treated as such. Jonathan Hadley plays Eldridge with slick charisma and doesn’t mind that Blake dances circles around him. The whole ensemble feeds off each other whether it’s a catfight between Doc and Eldridge or a soulful song from Lucinda. This cast tosses out zingers and catches one-liners with ease. 

Depot Theatre provides a saccharine treat that pulls the audience along for a fast fun ride. Find out who gets the girl or if the girl wants gettin’ in Savin’ Up For Saturday Night: The Honky-Tonk Music. There are only a few shows left: August 28, 29, 31, Sept 4, 5 at 8 pm and August 30, September 3, 6 at 5 pm

Savin' Up For Saturday Night is playing at
Westport (NY) Depot Theatre
Songs in Savin’ Up for Saturday Night
Dr. Bartender* 
Savin’ Up for Saturday Night*
Let Me Show You What He’s Missing Tonight, Music and lyrics by Richard Levinson, Randall Cate and DeWayne Blackwell
Dance Floor Demons*
Now I’m Swingin’, Music by Richard Levinson and Joel Wachbrit and lyrics by Richard Levinson
Trying to Get Over Me*
She wanted to be a singer, music by Thomas Rucker Campbell and lyrics by Ricard Levinson
Too early for the blues*
Let’s do something cheap and superficial*
Small town*
Come on, Lucinda*
If you don’t tell her*
When we dance, music by Thomas Rucker Campbell and lyrics by Ricard Levinson
I used to love the rain, music by Larry Herbstritt and lyrics by Richard Levinson
Whatever’s left of me*
Leave the dancin’ to me*
We gotta lotta rockin’ to do*
*Music and lyrics by Richard Levinson

All photos © Overtime Photography and provided by The Depot Theatre 

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