Press Release: Composting Volunteers Needed

This summer, Essex County Master Gardener Volunteers (MGVs) will offer the opportunity for consumers to develop a closer relationship with farmers and produce a little black gold as well.

MGVs will issue buckets to ten consumers who will take them home and fill them with kitchen waste, such as fruit and vegetable scraps. No meat, dairy, or plastic items will be accepted. The consumer will return to the Farmer’s Market each week and exchange his/her full bucket for an empty one with a designated farmer at the market. The farmer will take the scraps home, convert it to compost and work it back into the soil. The more compost the farmer makes, the more fruits vegetables, and flowers he can grow. The consumer gets rid of waste and the farmer makes use of the waste. It is a win-win situation for everyone. The program is designed for those that: would like to reduce the amount of home waste they are sending to the landfill, don't have space to do backyard composting themselves, would like to save money on their garbage and want to see their kitchen waste recreated into something useful.

This summer’s program is limited to the first ten respondents. To sign up, contact Gail Brill at 891-0182. As the program grows, MGVs look forward to accepting more participants in the future.

There are 35 Master Gardener Volunteers from County Cornell Cooperative Extension working throughout Essex County to teach others how to protect the environment and grow plants more effectively.

Beginning June 5 and throughout the summer Master Gardener Volunteers will be on hand at the Saranac Lake Farmer’s Market to answer composting questions. Whether you are having trouble managing your compost pile at home or want to start composting in your own backyard, stop by the Master Gardener booth and find out how you can turn your spoils to soil.