Petrova Elementary's 29 Days of Christmas Raffle

With the switch from Halloween decorations to Christmas, (Thanksgiving seems to now get the department store pass.) it is also the season for raffles. I am ever hopeful that my winning ticket will be drawn and I can put an end to my holiday shopping, all under the guise of a good cause.

For the fifth year the Petrova Parent’s Club is conducting their holiday raffle. For the past seven years funds have been raised for educational needs such as computers, SMART boards (an interactive whiteboard) and projectors. This parent group originally formed to raise money to build a new playground for the elementary school. Each year prizes are collected to present a daily rundown until Christmas. So enjoy 29 days of Christmas without the “partridge in the pear tree.”

There are only 1,000 tickets being sold for the 29 days of prizes. Each ticket is sold for $5. The daily prizes are sometimes a combination of items for a value of about $50.

Since I don’t have enough space to list all the prizes I will summarize. Starting on November 26th the first winner will receive a Mt. Pisgah Student Ski Pass and then each day following a different prize will be awarded through December 24th. The final gift awarded is a Holiday Wine Gift Basket, for your table or to bring to someone else’s.

Each day in between boasts daily gift certificates for restaurants, car washes, hardware, art supplies, hair salons, gift baskets, grocery stores, clothing stores, theatre tickets, an oil change, along with pizza coupons and a 2-month gym membership. The pizza is not paired with the gym membership though that seems like a natural to me.

Winners will be posted daily at the Petrova Elementary School Office as well as announced on 1240 AM Radio after Talk of the Town. Winners will also be phoned. The unusual part of this raffle is even if a ticket is drawn, the name goes right back in the bowl for the chance to win again. Tickets can be purchased at the school’s office.

If you are still feeling lucky, the Women’s Civic Chamber is selling tickets toward a chance to win 100 gallons of fuel oil but that is only one chance and not awarded until January. Good luck. Whether you are gambling on yourself, re-gifting or doing it for a good cause!