Tupper Lake Street Fest

Rain or shine or rain and more rain will not stop the Tupper Lake Street Fest and Business Expo from showing off the goods this Saturday. My kids are looking forward to the Baptist Chapel’s free bounce house (the congregation will be giving out popcorn as well) while the rest of the family checks out the sidewalk sales. Since certain streets are going to be blocked off as pedestrian fairways, it will be a nice chance for the kids to venue on their own and earn that much deserved independence. Cliff Avenue between Park and Lake Streets and Mill Street will be blocked off to drivers to allow street vendors to set up and visitors to stroll through the various activities without worry. It is a huge step to have two children no longer in need of handholding when crossing the street. It is difficult for me to be the one that lets go when my son reminds me he is old enough to cross the street without assistance. My rationale is that he might as well stay in practice since someday he will be holding my hand.
There is no specific calendar of events, it will be more seek and find to discover all the various discounts and activities the townspeople have put together. Some restaurants are having a daily special while musicians will be playing inside and outside different locations.
Don’t forget to check out the TL Municipal Park as part of the attraction, which is an easy walk from Mill Street to Flanders Park and along the River Walk. Between 10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. State Troopers will conduct rollover car demonstrations highlighting the importance of seatbelt safety. The vehicle will have adult and child dummies seatbelted during the 1st rollover and then show the effects of a 25 MPH rollover without safety restraints.
Search and Rescue (SAR) dogs will be on hand to showcase their own safety techniques. These specially trained animals work with law enforcement to assist in the recovery of missing persons in wilderness and disaster situations. Their trainers will be putting the dogs through the paces to demonstrate tracking capabilities, training and recovery techniques.
So rain, shine or more rain it seems like there will be plenty to do in, out and about the Street Fest. The Tupper Lake Street Fest is July 18 from 10:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m. For more information please call the Chamber of Commerce at 518-359-3328.